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General Message Board

View posts for: September 2023

William Bunch
River Blythe Solihull, Coleshill
I fished the Blythe many years ago with a club called 51 Fly Fishers. Do's any one know of fly fish on the lovely little river.
5th November 11:47

Sandy Harrison
Cat 3 petition
25th December 21:55

Andrew James Nicholson
DAM CTE 135 reel
Take the cover off, then hold handle and unwind anticlockwise the pick up cover, then tie line on to spool, then replace all and wind line on.
28th February 10:26

Sue McNair
DAM CTE 135 reel
How do you put line on this closed face reel please?
27th February 19:15

Maureen Scott
Eddie Preston
Hi Eddie.
You spoke to my brother Peter recently.
I remember fishing with you! I only ever caught eels.
Please email me.
23rd December 19:36

jobs in france or uk fisheries
Hi guys, im interested in moving to france with my girlfriend and we are both interested in working at fisheries. Does anyone have any advice on what is the best way to go about this?????????????
26th June 12:43

J. White
Fish Poaching
Has anyone else heard EA are cutting back bailiffing staff on the Tyne and stopping enforcement at sea.. utter disgrace, leaving an unregulated net fishery off the NE coast and a free for all every where else!
18th December 15:28

Tony & Carole
Doug Lock
Hi does anyone know what happened to Joy Almond-Lock
21st September 14:33

Geoff See
It does look like Mullarkeys have closed down, there are quite a few posts on Fly Fishing UK about it, good luck getting your money back.
8th August 12:42

We are sorry to inform you that Alan Bastone passed away on the 7th December 2013. He will be very much missed.
We are continuing to run the trout lakes but we have new contacts.
NEW Contact details.
Name; Flowers Farm Trout Lakes Ltd.
Facebook; Flowers farm trout lakes ltd
John. 07976 720 342
Danny. 07791 707 621
Dawn. 07968 05 9987

Regards Dawn Griffin.

16th March 15:40