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Duck Cottage Norfolk

For Photo, click on the Titles below: (The latest photos are at the top)

Duck Cottage Norfolk
Prestige Sportfishing B.C Canada
Prestige Sportfishing B.C Canada
Prestige Sportfishing B.C Canada
Sharon Jones
28lb Baltic Salmon
Big Barramundi
Massive Tay Salmon
Christmas Eve Surprize Cod
12lbs13.57oz Record Seatrout
A magnificent 25.1 lbs (11.4kgs) trout
The first salmon of the 2010 Moy
First Salmon of 2010
Massive Alligator Gar
Captain Mike with a 50pound redfish
Sea Trout of a life time
Young Female Angler
Kirsty Lampey Young Female Angler
Extreme Fishing with Robson Green
Andy’s Reelax Trip
Andy’s Reelax Trip
Andy’s Reelax Trip
Andy’s Reelax Trip
Fish of the Month
Reelax Charters Sweden
9lb Sea Trout
220lb Freshwater Stingray
Barrie Thomas with his carp of 29.6lb
First Salmon of the season
Fine Specimen Sea Trout
Atlantik Fishing Denmark
First Salmon of the 2008 season
Worlds biggest carp caught by a lady angler
Reelax Charters Sweden
Reelax Charters Sweden
11 1/4 lb. Towy Sea Trout
Lewis Aaron from near Amlwch
Big Fish Small boy
A big Ribble Salmon
Monster Pike
Golden Mahseer
A gigantic 187 lb Arapaima gigas
Unique catch of the year a sunfish
700lb blue marlin
32.5lb linear mirror carp
Big Tench Young Lad
7.2kg's of Kob / Kabeljou
First salmon of the season 7.5lb
3-Bearded Rock ling off the Kerry coast.
William’s first Corrib Trout.
DRIFTERS Fishing Canal Boat Holidays
12lb Baraccuda
Big Als 10lb carp
23 pound Ghost Carp fihsng buzzers with peac pop ups
45 pound Ct Fish caught it on worms
45 pound Ct Fish caught it on worms
1st time fishing for Scott Baker
1st time fishing for Scott Baker
Jay Fox with 26lb Common Carp
World pole record fish Mirror carp 58lbs.12oz
Caught on Strikeone Boilies
Caught on Strikeone Boilies
Ray Newmans
Fun2Fish, James Gardner with a Pike
44lb Pike caught on a 10lb Pike
World pole record of 58lb.12oz
42lb.3oz on a pole
A Massive 50lb Pike
A huge 7lbs chub
a A nice 1lb5oz perch
A Chub
Lyn Baker and the 39lbs 8oz pike
14lb barbel caught by Mr Coulson
A released 16 lb male lake trout
Carp floating dog biscuit
24lbs pike from Boddington res
Russell stephens 21 pound pike
Brigepal Singh of Stoke Newington
Chris Riley's personal best
Salmon for Mr David Sutton
Wild nothumberland brown trout
Little jack pike in torential rain for Barza
Toot and Toms Fish
A Pike
Capture of Pending World Record
11lb. pollack
A little dog fish for barza
12 pound Pike
Biggest Zander of the season
Pike For Taggert
40lb Tope
Handsome 2.5lb perch
Nice Pike
A Pike
20lb Pike Caught at the Venachar
Séamus Feeney and Boatman Paddy Whitelaw
Nice Pike
Drayton 2olb mirror carp
Gene Laffar
A 12lb Pike for Chris
16lb 4oz Pike
4lb 6oz Crucian Carp on bread flake
4lb 8oz Perch
23lb 60z Carp
Toms Pike
A Salmon For Paul
Rare Fish
Martins Fish
A Salmon
27lb Pike
This is Aaron
Great Pike
Good Pike
30 lb 8oz Scottish pike
8.3kg Snakehead in Malaysia
Big catch for Loughgall Country Park
Linda peebles caught this record breaker
104lb Mekong catfish
Kyle Marshall, with a nice carp
Abdul Dalvie
22lb pike caught on dead perch
Great Catch from Amateur Japanese angler, Hirohisa Takanashi
10lb 2oz bass caught in cork harbour at the cork small boat festival
Jonesy fishing at heronbrook fisheries
The Himalayan Outback India
The Himalayan Outback India
Never too late to start fishing
Chris Jakings 15 pounder
The Himalayan Outback Kali Saryu
Ice-fishing in Southern Lapland
Mike Harkin fishing at beacon view fisheries Wigan
Spencer Harding age 14 from Great Yarmouth
Andrew Simpson with 15lb Carp
Mark Leaders Pike
Shane Miller age 13 Personal best
Terry Jacksons first carp
18lb pike Caught at the Venachar
Leeroy Lewis age 10
11lb bass caught at Newton Point Porthcawl
The Himalayan Outback
Mr Black with his 14lb salmon
leeroy's BIG FISH
24lb 2oz Mirror Carp caught by Geoff
Rob Palmers 26lb Pike
The other half Shirley Hawkins
Robert Wilsons Catch
Eddy's Hampshire Avon Barbel
Daleswinton Salmon
Returning Philip Davies's prize
Ullberg's marlin sculpture to be installed, dedicated
Philip Davies receiving his Certificate and badge
Outstanding 8.20 kg giant snakehead catch
Siamese Giant Carp
Kens Tench
Mahseer 4 Kg
Anglers first ever salmon
30 kg Giant Trevally
14lb 2oz ghostie caught by D. Archer
River Nith. 21 lb salmon
John Mullins catch
Alan Clarksons catch
Dalswinton Fishing river Nith
Dalswinton Fishing river Nith
Tower Hamlet’s Young Anglers Win Silver
Tower Hamlet’s Young Anglers Win Silver at London Youth Games
This South African Monster
Ian Rudals first ling
Michael Heery his best brown trout in 30 Years
Simon Lenihan with the 16lbs Salmon
Sam & Haydn
4lb 7oz tench caught on a hot day in Ireland
Eric Day 13 years of age
Paul Cunnanes 15lb's salmon
Chris with a 33 inch redfish
Jan Tinnemas (left) with son Nick and a friend, and his specimen trout
Jan and Debby Tinnemans Netherlands
Sebarau Hampala macrolepidota
Swan was caught fishing with out a Licence
This Silver Bream was caught by Alex Debicki
Bob Nudd and Martin Salter
Michelle Wade with 40lb Dorado
9 Year old SAM HEPBURN with a very big Bream
13lb 1oz Brown trout stalked
Great Bag of trout from Lough Mask
15/lb carp caught at a pit near Northwich, Cheshire
Three Salmon caught on the troll on Waterville Lake Co Kerry
Spring Salmon on the Blackwater
World Record Lemon Shark on Fly
Jordan and Joe first time ever carp fishing
Big catch in South Africa
South african Carp
Tiger Shark I caught on holiday in Watamu Kenya
24lb 6oz pike
Galway Weir Big Salmon
Keith Berry from Bangor Co Down
Catfish 40lb 2oz caught at Shatterford
Pat Kennedy with a Sprin Salmon
Mel McDonald Angling News reporter
Mark o Halloran in Canada
Captian Neil
Busy day at Glencorse
First Salmon from Galway Weir
Blackwater Lodge Hotel & Salmon Fishery
Bradley Cooper,s Great Chub
Nice redfish on a fishing trip in the mosquito lagoon
Bradley Cooper age 15 nets a big Pike
Spring Salmon from The Blackwater Lodge
9-Year-Old Jack Fletcher with a big Fish
The opening of the Upper Caragh in 2006 will go down in history
First ever pike for Terry Jackson
Harry covering a likley spot
Alistair lands his first of the year
Opening Day Salmon On the Blackwater
Opening Day Salmon On the Blackwater
John Cosgrove of the N.W.R.F.B
This is a good one
Prof David Bellamy blessing the first boat
IGFA's 2006 World Record Game Fishes annual
Jared's first ever pike
Beautifully Marked 23lb 9oz Pike
17 pound pike on the sibsey trader boston lincs
Ling caught on the Skagerrak in Norway
Carambesi (Giant Trevally) estimated @ 55kg
Cat Fish Plays Ball
Geoffrey Palmer on the set of new TV Show
Mr Burns caught and released the first spring salmon of the year
A very good Barbel for son Scott
Winter Carp
700kg tiger shark from Watamu Kenya
Kirsty's first time out with borrowed tackle
Fishing Sebarau At Dam Temneggor
Rob Charnock took top honours with this heavyweight
Peter Lynch 18lb Pike River Quoile
Peter Lynch 15lb Pike
Lee Mawhinney 26lb 8oz Pike
Gold medal for Callum Dicks Bristol Angling Centre
Towy broodstock Programe
Byas Ghat India
Mahseer Fishing India
Byas Ghat India
Portarra Lodge Lough Corrib
35lbs King / Chinook Salmon - Captor Peter Lynch
8lb Carp caught by Paul
Two bass portsmouth naval base caught on very small strips of squid
5lb Bream caught by MARK MENAGH
Welsh Anglers Rally at Killarney
Welsh Anglers Rally at Killarney
Anglers Rally at Killarney
Another great Pike from Portarra Lodge
Glen Garioch Trophy
Fly Fishing for Mahseer Catch and release
The Himalayan Outback Angling Adventures
Fly Fishing for Mahseer Catch and release
The Himalayan Outback Angling Adventures
10 ld carp
12 lb carp
Nice Carp
Thailand Carp
Thailand Carp
Lee Alcock common carp 32lb 2 oz
11lb 13oz Bass
16.25 LB Brown trout
Russ Evans (Sport One)
Jim Watts 25lb Chum salmon
Peter Lynch 25lb chum salmon
Halibut and salmon haul
Ian Watts 9lb coho salmon
Jim Watts 10lb pink salmon
Jim Watts 25lb chum salmon
Jim Watts 25lb Chinook
10lb steelhead caught by Jim Watts
Ian Watts 18lb steelhead
Ian Watts 32lb Chinook salmon
25lb King / Chinook Salmon
A nice pink salmon
Alascan Fishing Adventures guide George
25lb halibut, Port Edward BC
25lb Steelhead Jim Watts
Russ Evans (Sport One) with his winning catch of 36lbs 4oz
A 51KG Sailfish
'The Aliens Have Landed'
141 lb.halibut
Alan Barwick first tope (25lb)
October tyne salmon
Lucy Bowden
peter van zunderts Carp
Dourado (Golden Fish)
Spanish Safaris
The Devil and the big cat
Jim Woolnough guide for Spanish Safaris
Wels Catfish, or Yellow Submarine
Big Wahoo bitten in half
A fine basket of brown trout
World’s biggest freshwater fish, 644lbs
101 lbs Catfish
A dog fish for Lee Fiddes
A champion in the making
A common catch from Thailand
27lb 12oz catfish caught in a norfolk still water
Bream at 2.0 kg
Tiger fish weighs at 6.5 kg
Chequered Fishery Carp Shropshire
Heinrich Schneider, Germany, with his 5.2 kg trout
A nice trio of cod caught on the dogger bank fishing
A 20lb Norfolk Pike
Baramundi 7lbs
6lb.07lb tench
10lb.02oz bream
8.5 Salmon and one poached Sea Trout of 5.5lbs
27.5 lbLoch Fad Scotland Pike
Chinook salmon on egg
Combermere Chequered Fisherf Carp
First Ever Salmon
Alex Quilitz catches his first ever fish in his life
21 lbs Pike
28 punds trout from Iceland
A massive 30lb 11oz New Scottish Record Rainbow Trout
A prime Tyee Chinook Salmon
John from Wales
Stefano from Rome Italy
Port Alberni
Chinook Salmon
A couple of nice yellow eye rockfish
Wild Chinook Salmon
Chinook Salmon
Go to the Go Fishing Show
First salmon caught on the Galway Fishery in 2005
From my collection, for sale
Fantasy slam in Kenya
Triple, triple Bill fish Kenya
New face of Fishing from Ferroli
10lbs Salmon caught on the fly
A Fine Waterville Salmon caught on the fly
Osman very enthusiastic angler in hyderabad India
A really Good Cod
20lb 8oz Rainbow Trout from Sutton Springs Fishery
Stevo and his 8lb Ranibow
Parisboy and his 8lb Rainbow
Two lovely Brown Trout
Angler Mark Koliasnikoff
Misty Dhillon India
Misty Dhillon India
Misty Dhillon India
Misty Dhillon India
Misty Dhillon India
Misty Dhillon India
Lucy Bowden
A nice witton castle rainbow trout
117lb Giant Mekong Catfish
10lb 7oz Barbel
The Himalayan Outback
Angling News on OZ
Towy Expert Dai Evans
River Trent Barbel
The Fish that was caught twice in half an hour
Big 26 lb broodstock hen
15lb Rainbow Bellflask near Ripon
A 9,65 kilos Conger
The River Kent Fishing
Patrick Arnold
The first Oceanic whitetip shark
Towy Salmon Restoration Scheme
Strathcarron Hospice Charity Fundraiser
Strathcarron Hospice Charity Fundraiser
19lb pike Ireland
Seven year old Jamie Sullivan with his Salmon
Anarhichas denticulatus
Towy Salmon restoration Scheme
From Stage to River
George Melly Warwick Hall
George Melly and Patrick Arnold
James's first Eel
Birthday Boy Tom's Carp
Gary with this fine live 15lb hen fish
Willy’s first Pike
Willy’s first Pike
Hyderabad India
Hyderabad India
Hyderabad India
Jim and Al show off their catch of Sea Bass
Jim and Al show off their catch of Sea Bass
Young Kyles Carp
Roberts First Carp
Kyles Mirror Carp
River Ouse Pike
Molva molva
Kerr lake, North Carolina
Lia's First Carp
Master Cillian Sugrue First Salmon
The Mahseer of India
The Mahseer of India
The Mahseer of India
First Carp for Robbo
William's Pike
Brod's Bar Waterville Ireland
Salmon returned to the Spey 2002
Kempston Marina Big Pike
'Angling Times' Monthly Winner
Original Bottle Cap Lure TM
Waterville 3lbs Sea Trout
Salmon, Salmo salar, 20,02 kilos
Waterville Lake Salmon
Pike caught by Niall Hetherington Kildare Ireland, aged 16
Chairmen Waterville Fisheries Development Group Mr Tadhg O'Sullivan
18 lbs Salmon caught on Loch Tay
Master Liam Brick
Big Ling, from Molva molva. 34,85 kilo
23lb Brown Trout from Iceland
Artic char from Iceland
96 POUND Cat Fish
Big Cat from Spain
A fine Waterville Salmon
Salmon on Waterville Lake
Good fish and fair angler
24 lb 1.8 oz wild Salmon by Hugh Nolan
Pike on a trout fly
A nice mirror carp
Record bream for Hollowell
A 12.lbs Waterville Salmon
A Very proud Wendy Beckwith
Young Angler Big Carp
English Lake district Brown trout
Charley Chaplin catches a Salmon?
Waterville Salmon
842Lb Jumping Black Marlin
842Lb Black Marlin that caught in Kenya
Lough Curranme 10.5 lbs Salmon
Mr Eddie Gronska of Germany
Waterville Lake Salmon of 24lbs caught by Mr N Bird UK
The new Kerkenny a traditional tied fly
Tweedale Millenium fishery
Eureka Lodge Waterville Lake
Good catch of Tuna Kenya Watamu
Giant Carp Fishing Adventures Thailand
Giant CarpFishing Adventures Thailand
Angling News reporter Vincent Appleby
Two twenty pounders Chanel Cats
The Tiger Woods of Waterville Lake and his motto
Holy Island,Waterville Lake
Mr Bob Priestly the 2003 king of the troll
Waterville Lake.
New Forest Water Park Carp
First Salmon for Galway Weir
Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters
Finding Nemo
All thats left after a shark bite
Dorado from Watamu Kenya
Lough Currane 161/2 lbs Salmon caught by Mr T Duggan
Waterville Lake 2004 first Salmon caught on the fly
16.40 kg Record breaking Striped Catfish
The Elusive Snakehead
Snakehead fish bite
Record Siamese giant carp
5.00 kg Giant Snakehead
Ian Miller Masheer Fishing India
Ian Miller Masheer Fishing India
Jock In Alaska 2000
Bob Carlson
Vee Carlson
Bob Carlsons catch
Vee Carlsons catch
Patrick Ryans 30 lb pike
A winter Wales Carp
Hybrid Striped Bass from U.S
David Hills Bream age 13
Atlantic Salmon
Sams first Zander
Lawrence Dudley, 14 years old with a 15lb 7oz pollack
Deans first carp
27lb2oz Common from clearwater lakes France
Mirror Carp 12.8lb
Waterville Fisheries Development Group
Monster Perch for Niall Tomlinson
Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters
Something in the water at Rib Valley
World record king salmon
13.89 lb Lough Corrib Trout
Bass 8 pound 2 ounces
Commeragh River
Rhys Mallet 7-years old
the Butlers Pool
World Championship Venue - Aragon, Northern Spain
A monster of a Sawfish
Waterville Lake Fishing
11lb 2oz Barbel, on spicey luncheon meat
A 19lb Corrib Wild Brown Trout
15lb Brown Trout July 2003
Alan Parkers 16lb Coral Trout
A 27lb Teifi Salmon
A Countryside Alliance initiative
One days catch on Lough Currane
16 pound 5oz Salmon
Lough Currane salmon
Loch lomond twenty pike
A 3lb 4 oz Brown Trout
20lb Common Carp
This is an 11lb 1oz Bucketmouth
Beamish Rainbow
Magnificent Pike weighing 31 lbs. 8 ozs
Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters
Fishing Adventures Thailand
Mekong Giant Catfish
860lb Record Black Marlin Kenya
ArcticAngler – Fishing holidays
Arctic Angler
4lb brown trout
Ogmore river wild brown trout
Crowned King of the fly
860lb Black Marlin, African Record
Outarde River, Quebec, Canada
Blue Marlin from Mauritius
47 Kg Carp
Bob Carlson's Angling Adventures
Mrs Carlson's Big Un
Does this count as two
Tiger-Fishing trip
Tiger-Fishing trip to the Zambezi
Ron Lane's Record Trout
Sail Fish from Kenya
Redfish from N. Florida
Ged's 20lb Carp
2 year old catches a Salmon
Recorded brown trout ever caught on Lough Corrib
387 lb Bluefin Tuna Ireland
Largest caught Trout Lough Corrib
Three Beauties’
A Great Angling Pal from Andy's past
Black Marlin 842lbs
Tacklefest 2002
Tacklefest 2002
Tacklefest 2002
Tacklefest 2002
Maurice Hornsveld, first Salmon
Ogmore Sea Trout
Fly Caught Brownie
Wild Brown Trout
Andy and Charlie
Pike Two bodies one head
Siamese Giant Carp
New Okuma Reels
First Australian Salmon
World Record Bull Shark
Bens 51lb Roosterfish
34lb Bull Dorado
28-pound Amberjack
Marlin bait For Ben
8-year-old Ben Badofsky first Pacific Sailfish
Siamese Giant Carp 47.00kg
Siamese Cat
The King and Queen of Cats
The Cat Queen
Bob The Cat Man
Thailand fishing trip.
Bob Carlsons Thailand fishing trip.
The Lady and a Record Tiger
Matthew's Biggest Fish
My Monster
A great Trout for Ray
Big Arapaima Gigas
The catch of a lifetime
A Great Catch
Lochmaben Pike
17lb. 4oz. Rainbow
Siamese Giant Carp
Mekong Giant
Bob Carlson Mexico Trip
Bob Carlson Mexico Trip
Bob Carlson Mexico Trip
Bob Carlson Mexico Trip
Bob Carlson Mexico Trip
Big Tuna from Kenya
Back end Solway Salmon
Reel Fishing BC
Record rod caught Tuna
Porbeagle Shark
Ladies Fly Fishing Team
Monster Bream
Zambizi Trip
Shark Bite
Sea Trout
Broad Bill Sword Fish
Warping drain Bream
River Ogmore
Ogmore Sewin
Ogmore Salmon
A 7lb Lake Taupo brown trout
A nice average Lake Ontario Lake Trout
22lb Coho Salmon
21lb 2oz grass carp
12,4 kilo seatrout
12,0 kilo seatrout
Clint and Jim with a few smallish rainbows
10lb snapper
28lb yellowtail kingfish
5.5lb brown trout
52lb Catfish
12lbs Brown trout
Shannon Regional Fisheries Board
Zambezi trip
Zambezi trip
Zambezi trip
60lb Nile Perch
Nile Perch
Sea Trout spoons
Two Dorado's caught by Chris van Grieken(left) and Brad Sensale
Cascade Fishing Charters
Woodlay Lakes Open for Fishing!!
The Doc's carp caught on super maggot
The Doc @ work
Carlson Fishing Tackle
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Milton Keynes Angling Association
Milton Keynes Angling Association
Milton Keynes Angling Association
18lb 12 oz Mirror Carp
Atlantik trip 2001 (Denmark)
Atlantik Trip 2001
Atlantik Trip 2001
Swordfish of 20kg approx
Crana River
Fullerton Fishery
Castle Bridge
13LBS Salmon on the Fly
Rainbow Trout 20lb 6oz
Twilighter Floats Ltd
The Lodge in Alaska
The Lodge in Alaska
The Lodge in Alaska
25lb 3oz carp caught by Nick
Steel Head Caught on the Fly
Double figure Salmon
A Trio of twenties
A Trio of twenties
A Trio of twenties
3 fresh Salmon from Ireland
15lb Thornback ray
Second Cassley Salmon
First Cassley Salmon
Bala Lake in Wales
Bala Lake Wales
River Tweed
The Bridge Pool on the Tweed in Scotland
The River Tweed last week
Scotland last week
Two Mirrors
Re-stocking The River Darwen
Derrick and babe 47in pike
Secret Maggots (First Photo)
Worm Stick
This looks an interesting place to fish......
Vic Carrao of STS Guiding Service
Paul Hopwood
Paul Hopwood
Double Figured Trout
Double figure Trout
Boat for Sale "Moonshine"
4 Nice sized Rainbow Trout
First Salmon on the Tay
Harriets Revenge
John Ward-Allen
The BoatHouse
12lbs Ferox Brown Trout
19lb 4oz Brown Trout
Gone Fishing Safaris 2001
Gone Fishing Safaris
Gone Fishing Safaris
Welcome to Carlsons Big Game Fishing Adventures
Carlsons Big Game Fishing in Mexico
Trip 2000 in Mexico
Vera Carlson with another big Fish
Carlsons Fishing Adventures
Mexico Fishing Trip 2000
Big Game Fishing in Mexico
Carlsons Fishing Adventure to Mexico
Bob Carlsons Fishing Trip 2000
Marlin Fishing in Mexico
Mexican Blue Water Fishing Trip 2000
1st Angler:
22lb pike
20lb pike
31 inch Largemouth Bass
A couple of fish caught on the Newbie beat on the Annan by Joe Black
Shark in Cheshire Floods
Basking shark
Pollock of the Isle of Coll
Fish Badges
Shark "The Biter"
Salmon Fishing in Sweden
Bitten Fish!
Plaice Rig
Carlsons Big Game Fishing Trips
Alan Parker
Cod fishing in Denmark
Sea fishing Denmark
Moy Freshwater & ridge pool Beat
Ghost Carp
Angling Auctions
40kg Dorado
Dorado from the South China Sea
6 kilo Seatrout
Two fresh run Grilse
Vera Carlson Big Game Fishing
529lbs BlueFin Tuna
Not a bad Chub for a back garden pond.
Ashford Castle
River Erriff
Steve from Moy Lodge
Ref to message board
17lb Salmon
The long and the short of it
A Catfish
Angling News director and novice Salmon angler catches the first
A Big Rainbow caught by Andy
Two very happy chaps
Another big specimen from Andy Nicholson
Andy catching a fine Dovey Seatrout
A fishing party enjoying the Moy Estuary
A beautiful Summers evening on the Moy Estuary
Buzz Ramsey
James and Daniel Nicholson
A double Fiqure Seatrout
Daniel Nicholson holding a handsome fish
A Big Salmon of the mighty Tay
The River Moy which runs through the town of Balina
Sea Bass in Summer 1999
21 kilo Cod