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Welcome to the Angling News page. This is your opportunity TO MAKE THE NEWS, be it Game Fairs, Angling shows and evenings or any angling related event. Made a spectacular catch, caught a big fish, been fishing abroad? Tell us about it we want to hear from you, anything you are unhappy about or are delighted to report "Good News", any pollution to report or know of any poaching going on tell us and we will report it to the relevant authorities.

Hardy’s Fishing tackle
Donates proceeds of limited edition reel project to support ongoing and vital Atlantic Salmon Conservation by Salmon & Trout Conservation.Hardy’s Fishing Tackle has donated £22,500 to Salmon & Trout ... [more]
Morag Walker MCIPR

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Anything angling related to tell us, "WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU." These pages are your angling news MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. I look forward to hearing from you.

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