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Latest news from Glenda Powell Guiding

Written By: Glenda Powel
On Date: 6/12/2017

& Blackwater Salmon Fishery Memory Boxes The Gift of Learning/Christmas Gift Vouchers A Young Fisherman's beginning
''Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters.'' Norman Maclean
We have been busy moving house for the last few weeks and during this time of keep or recycle I have realised that my most precious possessions are my memory boxes. Twenty five years condensed into these boxes, memories that might not have been so clear if I had not kept some of these precious reminders. Most are simple items, a receipt to a concert, a ferry/flight ticket, Anna and Ian's first hair cut, teeth that the Tooth Fairy should have taken away, and of course photos, lots of photos.

At the end of September marked a special occasion for me as it is now 20 years that I have been working on the River Blackwater. I have met so many wonderful people over the years on this river and other rivers around the world (the above photo is me with Rodney Colford on the Miramichi in Canada) and have been blessed to now call many of you friends. I have travelled to many countries around the world demonstrating fly casting and have met a lot of you on my travels. I have taught many of you on the rivers and trout fisheries around Ireland. We have raised money and awareness to breast cancer through our ladies introduction to fly fishing days, and I have been fortunate to meet and teach so many young people who are enjoying our sport.

If you are new to this monthly newsletter then I want you to know that I have missed you, and I am glad that I have found you again. I have wonderful memories of our time spent together and hope that we get the chance to meet again somewhere in the future.

Our fishing courses were very popular this year and we will be running them again in 2018. Course dates and details are below. We will host a new Ladies Fly-Fishing Course on the Blackwater and also a Ladies Fly-Fishing Course on the River Tay in Scotland next year.

We thank our customers once again for supporting us this year and we are now taking bookings for 2018.

Our new postal address is

Glenda Powell
Co Waterford
Ireland P51 X4H2

Also please note that my very old email address of will no longer be in operation in 2018.

Sláinte an bhradáin (Health of the Salmon Upon You)

00353 (0) 872351260
The Gift of Learning/Christmas Vouchers

Fly Fishing Courses for 2018/Gift vouchers available for fishing/tuition

It is a great pleasure to announce our courses for 2018. This year we had people from far and wide attending these courses and they make great birthday/Christmas presents.

Each course costs €150 which includes, fishing on our waters at Blackwater Salmon Fishery, equipment for the day, notes, lunch and we will take a maximum of 6 participants on each course. The course does not cover the state salmon fishing licence which costs €20 for the day and can be purchased at the fishery on the morning of the course.

Christmas Gift Vouchers. Here is a link to the price list on our website and we can email vouchers for fishing, tuition or courses to your inbox.

Courses in 2018 are as follows;

February 1st is Opening Day and we would like to welcome you to the start of the new season with a breakfast roll and a fun casting/gear clinic. Spaces are limited and the cost is €15. Booking is essential please.

February 3rd I will be running a workshop on Casting and fishing sinking/skagit lines and heavy flies at Kilmurry. The cost is €150 per person including lunch and fishing. Maximum 6 participants. (4 places left)

March 10th Spey Casting for improvers including lunch and fishing. The cost is €150 per person. Maximum 6 participants.(1 place left)

March 24th Spey Casting for beginners including lunch and fishing. The cost is €150 per person. Maximum 6 participants. (4 places left)

NEW COURSE May 5th Ladies Salmon Fly Fishing Course for beginners and improvers. The cost is €100 per person and €50 of this fee will be given to Action Breast Cancer. Maximum 10 participants which will include lunch and equipment if required. A great Christmas present for the lady in your life.

May 26th Single Handed Spey/Skagit casting, hitching flies and low water techniques. The cost is €150 per person. Maximum 6 participants. (2 places left)

NEW COURSE Ladies Salmon Fly Fishing Course on the River Tay in Scotland . 3 day residential course during the last week of June. Please contact me for further details.
A Young Fisherman's Beginning
My Fishing Life by Liam Davis aged 10.

I was four when I started fishing. My first fish was a small whiting off a pier. After that fishing trip I decided that I liked fishing. The reason we were at that pier was because my Dad was a Sea fisherman. We live near a river in Galbally. We collected worms from our garden and used them to catch trout and that was how I started river fishing. Then my Dad and his friend Lee bought a boat so we started boat fishing. I remember once we were catching whiting three at a time. My first time salmon fishing was on the Moy about 3 years ago. We brought Lee with us then too. After that we went back to boat and beach fishing for a while. But then one day my Dad went to the Blackwater to fish Glenda’s beat at Kilmurry. He caught a six pound salmon that day. So he went back again and caught another salmon and he decided we would fish there for the rest of season.
I hooked my first salmon last year on a purple and copper flying C. I was so excited that I wound it up too fast and the next thing I knew it was under the rod tip. It shook its head and threw the hook and swam away. I was very disappointed but kept on fishing but I didn’t get another salmon in my first year but I did get lots of trout. This year though, I did much better I had two salmon and a sea trout. My first salmon was a ten pound kelt. It was almost as tall as me! A kelt is a salmon that has already spawned and hopefully is on its way back to sea. I caught it on a black and silver flying C in front of the hut on Glenda's Kilmurry beat on a very windy wet February day. It was so windy that my spinner was coming back at me sometimes when casting. It was really annoying even Lee was getting annoyed. I complained to Lee once and after that cast that I complained about was the cast that I caught my salmon on. When I hooked it I thought it was only a trout. Again I wound it in too quick so my Dad told Lee to get the salmon but he went to grab the leader so my Dad shouted to him not to and he tailed the fish instead. That was my first salmon. Lee is always saying I stole his salmon because I was fishing beside him and cast where he was casting but I caught it fair and square.
The second salmon I landed was a five pound grilse on my dad’s fly rod I didn’t hook it but my dad let me land it so I knew what it felt like on a fly rod it didn’t take too long to bring it in and this time I fought it properly not winding it straight in. The second salmon that I caught by myself was a three pound grilse that I got at Glenda's Ballyhooly beat on a red and copper flying C that Noel gave me. We don’t normally fish at Ballyhooly but Kilmurry was too coloured to fish as it had been raining lots. Almost every cast I felt something knock against my spinner and I thought it was the bottom so I wound it in a bit quicker and then all of a sudden I had a salmon on. I shouted for my dad to come and help and he tried to run down to me in chest waders and chest high water and he nearly fell in. It was very funny for me but not for him. It fought very well. We had to keep this one because it’s eye got very badly damaged by the hook. When it was gutted and filleted my dad cooked some for us to try in butter and it was the best salmon I had ever tasted.
I am still learning how to fly fish but I am sure I will be better next year. My Dad filled his licence fly fishing this year and caught some very big fish. When my Dad caught his big fifteen pound salmon I was amazed about how big it was. I got my double handed fly rod for Christmas, it is a switch rod. I practised in the garden quite a lot. I really like fly fishing. I find it quite fun. My first fish on the fly was a baby salmon called a smolt and my second fish on the fly was a dace. I also caught a sea trout on the last day of the season which was probably the last fish on Glendas beats of the year as it was nearly dark when I got it. Sea trout are like small salmon. They look quite similar and they feel the same on a rod but they jump around a lot.
Fishing is about patience you cannot expect to catch a fish every cast. But eventually you are rewarded with a fish. Salmon are good fighting fish you cannot just bring them in as soon as they hit. You have to tire them out just enough to get them to the net. But when it is in the net then but only then you have your salmon.
I like fishing because it gets you away from stuff like your phone and you are surrounded by nature. We have seen mink, foxes, otters and bats. Also you meet lots of nice people. I love Glenda’s beats on the Blackwater because you get very well looked after and it is always stuffed with fish. Glenda and Noel are really nice and Glenda owns some of the best beats on the Blackwater. She has helped me with my casting sometimes and Dad said he will get us some lessons before next year starts. Glenda normally turns up at nine O’ clock with tea and coffee and she always robs our biscuits and mini rolls. We don’t mind though because sometimes Glenda or Noel will give you a fly or a spinner to help out. I can’t wait for next season to start but we have been doing some fishing in the winter. I won a competition for the second time last week. When I am older I would like to go to Sweden to hunt some Baltic salmon with my dad.
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