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Together, let's fish for the world!

Written By: Nehl Horton
On Date: 8/1/2019

Last chance to make a tax-deductible, end-of-year gift to the IGFA! Thank you for your support!Since 1939, the IGFA has been committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of ethical angling practices around the world. We believe the IGFA continues to exist today for the same reason it was started nearly 80 years ago - because people around the world love to fish! And we help recreational anglers to stoke their love of fishing by conserving game fish and promoting responsible, ethical angling.
But today, more than ever, recreational fishing is facing an uncertain future and we need your support to sustain the sport we love.
Andy, I am writing today to ask for a financial contribution to help support the IGFA's "Five for the Future" initiatives in celebration of our 80th Anniverary on June 7, 2019.
With the dedicated support of our members like you, we will accomplish the following initiatives that will strengthen our position as a global leader in recreational angling:
• Strengthen and expand the international network of IGFA representatives, clubs, captains and members to increase IGFA’s presence and relevance in angling communities around the world.
• Establish International Game Fish Angling Day (IGFA Day) on June 7, 2019, as a platform to reach new anglers, educate them about ethical angling practices and activate them as ambassadors for the sport and advocates for game fish conservation.
• Teach 100,000 kids to fish in locations around the globe to help build a new generation of educated, ethical and accomplished anglers.
• Launch three major signature research initiatives – two of them focused on fresh water science – to better deliver on our commitment to game fish conservation.
• Re-establish the IGFA as a leader in recreational angling competitions focused on outstanding angler achievement, not cash prizes.
As we set our course for 2019, I hope you will generously support the IGFA and help us continue our leadership in conservation for another 80 years and more! Please send us a generous gift today! To learn more please visit our website at
Let’s Fish for the World!

Nehl Horton
IGFA President

Donate Now

PS - Andy, your gift of any amount can do so much to help us continue our mission, and when you give just $25 today, we will send you a beautiful set of notecards created by the IGFA’s 2018 Featured Artist Craig Bertram Smith. Craig is an internationally acclaimed South African artist with a deep passion for fishing and wildlife. We know you will enjoy this unique gift.

Donate Now

International Game Fish Association

300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, FL 33004

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