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Report For: Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman, River

Picture of Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman
Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman

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Species of Fish:Salmon, Sea Trout, Trout, Grayling, Chub
Season Start Date: 15/1/9  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Season End Date: 31/10/9  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Angling Weather Call No:
Angling Weather Fax No:
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Water Details:
Height: Medium Flood
Clarity: Some Colour
Temperature: Normal

Recent Catches: A Few

Successful Angling Methods: Fly, Spinner, Flying-C

Prospects & General Comments:

River Eden report September.

2nd, river level one foot. Four salmon for Phil Holland above Carlisle up to 8 pound today, one four pound grilse for Peter Robinson below Carlisle.
4th, two foot rise of water with colour in the afternoon, six fish reported today.
5th, Phil Holland 8 pound fish above Carlisle along with a few more salmon landed as the water drops and clears.
6th, Water dropping and clearing, Phil Holland 7 pound fish from middle Eden, Peter Robinson 4 pound grilse below Carlisle and a 20 pound salmon. A few fish caught above Carlisle to 14 pound.
10th, fish caught above and below Carlisle the last few days, water continues to slowly drop, there are still plenty of grilse in the lower and middle river, most with colour now. The odd brighter fish showing up along with one or two bigger salmon in the high teens. No sign of a serious Autumn run just yet but still enough fish about to give anglers sport. River just under one foot at present, a good fly water.
11th, a couple of salmon in the mid-teens caught today, rain overnight.
12th, a one foot lift of water level with colour today.
14th, a few salmon to 12 pounds caught above Carlisle, water is clearing now with more settled weather on the way.
15th, water just below one foot and clear, a few fish caught but little showing today. Robin Melley had a 6 pound fish below Carlisle on the fly and a few fish above Carlisle caught, most salmon recently caught are mostly coloured and not much sign of an Autumn run just yet.
18th, salmon continue to oblige anglers in the right place at the right time over the last couple of days to the fly with the the good conditions at present. Matt Forsyth fishing the fly below Carlisle had three fish to 15 pound, downstream three more salmon reported today and a couple above Carlisle. One or two "new" fish are starting to show themselves now at last, there is hope for a "back-end" run yet!
23rd, a few salmon in the teens and up to 20 pound upstream of Carlisle caught, poor weather on the way.
24th, river on the rise with colour.
25th, two foot and rising.
27th, three foot with much colour, very big tides on the way and more heavy rain forecast over the next few days which will curtail any fishing.

Report Supplied By:
Glyn Freeman