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Report For: Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman, River

Picture of Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman
Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman

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Species of Fish:Salmon, Sea Trout, Trout, Grayling, Chub
Season Start Date: 15/1/9  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Season End Date: 31/10/9  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Angling Weather Call No:
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Water Details:
Height: Mild Flood
Clarity: Some Colour
Temperature: Normal

Recent Catches: Above Average

Successful Angling Methods: Fly, Flying-C

Prospects & General Comments:
Eden report for July 2020.

1st, two salmon of fourteen and fifteen pounds off Warwick Hall today, reports of a few other fish upstream of Carlisle to seventeen pounds. Water now dropping and clearing with fish spread throughout the lower and middle beats with this last rise of water levels.
2nd, one foot six with a slight rise of water happening, big rain forecast tomorrow which will put the Eden in flood over the weekend. Warwick Hall had two fish today at twelve and fifteen pounds, its fishing really well at present, Brian Warrington had a twelve pound salmon from high up the middle river and also lost a couple, plenty of fish up that far now. A few fish from around Carlisle to fifteen pounds also, most beats on the lower and middle river seeing fish good movements.
4th, river on the rise after heavy rain.
5th, a rise of a few feet and very coloured.
6th, two foot with colour, a few fish caught further upstream in the Lazonby area.
7th, salmon responding to conditions higher up the middle river with a clearing water to fly with a few fish to seventeen pounds, Warwick Hall had a twelve pound salmon followed by two seven pound fish in two casts. Lower river should perform tomorrow onward given no more rain.
8th, a fresh twenty pound fish for Warwick Hall today followed with a five pound grilse, Tim Bacon caught a nineteen pound salmon late evening there also. A couple more fish caught above Carlisle also. It looks like the grilse run maybe already under way!
9th, water level one foot and clearing nicely, water temperature 16oC. Alan Dixon fishing Warwick Hall a salmon of seven pounds and Phil Holland on the middle river a nine pound fish to the fly. A few salmon caught above and around Carlisle today up to sixteen pounds, good numbers of grilse starting to come off the tides the last couple of days.
10th, a slight lift of six inches to two foot overnight with some colour, started dropping in the afternoon now at one foot six inches and clearing. Peter Robinson fishing on the lower river, a twelve pound salmon for him in the evening. Fish showing, should be good tomorrow.
11th, river at one foot three inches, just heard of two grilse today, both off Warwick Hall, Tim Bacon the captor.
12th, a fifteen pound salmon from Warwick Hall and a couple of grilse caught around Carlisle, fish showing everywhere but just not in the taking mood today. River level at one foot and clearing nicely.
13th, a couple of grilse reported, eight inches on the gauge, a slower day for fish movement.
14th, a ten pound salmon from Warwick Hall today, a couple of grilse caught up and down the river also, river level now six inches.
15th, south-westerly breeze and overcast, still at six inches and fairly clear, with fish showing. Peter Robinson had a sea-liced fish of eight pounds from the lower river this afternoon and lost one, I have heard of a few grilse caught up and down the river today, good numbers of grilse so far!
16th, water level holding at six inches, fairly clear. Fish still entering the river off the tides and seem to have their running shoes on. A fifteen pound fish and a four pound grilse from Warwick Hall today.
17th, water level five inches, plenty of salmon in the pools. Trout and grayling fishing today has been excellent, a few salmon reported, plenty of fish seen. Light rain all day on a south-westerly.
!8th, the main river above Warwick Hall is steady, the river Irthing which comes in on lower Warwick Hall has now put two and a half feet of coloured water in below it.
19th, Carlisle and below very coloured water now at one foot, two fish for Warwick Hall eight and four pounds today.
20th, water level seven inches and clearing, 16.5C, a grilse from Warwick Hall and a couple of salmon around the Carlisle area caught. A few sea trout starting to show.
21st, river very low on the middle parts, a couple of fish reported around the Carlisle area.
22nd, water level almost at summer height with a slight tinge on the lower sections, clear on the middle. A lot of fish off the tide today entering the river disturbing the residents. Two salmon caught at Warwick Hall today. Rain to come overnight.
23rd, the rain continued from 3am to noon, by mid-day the lower river level began to rise and colour up, there were a few fish reported just prior to the rise of water, but by late afternoon it was sitting at three feet and thick with colour. The trout fishing of late while the water was clear has been quite good with some fine specimens.
24th, a big rise of coloured water below Warwick Hall from the Irthing spoiling the fishing below, almost three feet with thick colour.
25th, water level now at ten inches and starting to clear a little, a couple of salmon reported to the fly and a couple of fish lost today, good movements of salmon off the tides.
26th, water level on the lower river is eleven inches still with colour, above Warwick Hall the water levels are at summer height. Two fish from Warwick Hall today, three fish reported from around the Carlisle area. More rain on the way which may rise levels later.
27th, water level ten inches, a lot of rain will put the river up tomorrow, a few fish caught today around the Carlisle area,
28th, water level touching four feet this morning, not much chance of a fish today on the bottom beats, upper river beginning to drop. Seven fish for Warwick Hall today, the biggest twenty pounds and a couple more caught around the Carlisle area. 6pm lower river water level now two foot six and dropping, upstream levels all dropping too.
29th, water level on the lower river one foot two inches with some colour, a stiff west wind. Four fish caught off Warwick Hall and nine lost today, the biggest salmon landed was sixteen pounds, a couple more salmon caught above Carlisle, one for Mike Cooney a ten pound salmon on the fly (a Boyo). A bit more rain due tonight.

Report Supplied By:
Glyn Freeman