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Report For: Moy(Ridge Pool), River

Picture of Moy(Ridge Pool)
Moy(Ridge Pool)

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Belmont Hotel

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East Mayo Anglers Association
The Moy Fisherey Office

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Moy- Mr Enda Coyne.

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Species of Fish:Salmon, Seatrout, Trout, Coarse Fish
Season Start Date: 1/2  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Season End Date: 30/9  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Angling Weather Call No: 1550 123 852
This phone no. can only be accessed from Ireland North and South
Angling Weather Fax No:
Angling Weather Web Site:
Available Reports:  
End of Season Report: Not Available
Water Details:
Height: Very Low
Clarity: Very Clear
Temperature: Very Cold

Recent Catches: A Few

Successful Angling Methods:

Prospects & General Comments:
Salmon Angling River Moy Water levels on the lower Moy have finally come into good order, suiting anglers on the lower reaches and on the Moy Fishery. The week was mainly very bright and hot, not wholly suitable for angling. However, there were over 200 salmon reported for the week on the system, including nine from the Moy Fishery with many more fresh grilse now appearing. The Ridge Pool yielded 7 salmon, including fish for Andrew Little (4lbs on fly), John Little (4lbs on spinner), Anthony Harris (5.3lbs, fly) and two of 5lbs for German pair Lars Friebertshauser and Frank Linke (both on fly). The Weir Pool and the Cathedral beat both produced one each.
The Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water also fished well, with over 20 salmon recorded, and further upstream at Mount Falcon, Ashley Butler, U.K., was among those to score, landing his first ever salmon of 6lbs, caught on the fly. The mid-river fisheries, upstream to Foxford, had a relatively quiet week, although all produced fish. Above Foxford, Rinanney produced good sport for anglers, including a good catch for Gunter Geib, Germany, who had one of 11lbs on worm.

The Cloongee Fishery was slightly quieter than in recent weeks, with just over 10 salmon reported, including one of 9lbs for Pascal Coulon, France, taken on a bubble and fly. The East Mayo Anglers’ water experienced a similar week, with less activity in the warm bright weather. However, East Mayo still recorded 35 salmon for the week, including a fine fish of 16lbs for U.K. angler Mike Child, caught on fly. Bob Thomas, U.K., also landed a small grilse to fly while Gerard Portes, France, had one of 11lbs on fly.

Ballisodare Fishery

Yet another extremely productive week at Ballisodare, where over 140 salmon were recorded, 60 of those released. The week began well on Monday, when 29 were caught, including fish for James Douglas, Lee Bunting, James McGuire and Luke O’Connell, with many others also having success. A further 27 were caught on Tuesday, with fish ranging in size from 6lbs to 11lbs. Among those to score were Alan Walker, J. Brennan, Pat Forkan, David Bell and Ian Thompson.

The bright and warm weather deterred anglers the following day, yet despite this 12 salmon were caught, nine released, with fish ranging from 3lbs to 8lbs. Fortunes improved somewhat on Thursday, when 20 were caught, up to 12lbs. Among those to score were Donagh McDonnell, Tony McDonnell, Clive and Hugh O’Neill. A further 21 were caught on Friday, including fish for Frank Kelly, Roy Simpson, Larry Stevenson and Michael Walsh.

A total of 14 were caught on Saturday, all between 3lbs and 6lbs, with seven of those released, while ten more were landed on Sunday, finishing off a great week, considering the conditions and temperature.

Lough Beltra

Anglers continue to counter fresh run fish in Lough Beltra, where early in the week Ben Baynes had two for an evening at Fahy’s and Morrisson’s, weighing 6lbs and 8lbs, taken on a Lord Lewis. Ian Conn had great sport with three salmon of 6lbs, 8lbs and 9lbs on the Road Shore. Eamonn Kennedy also had a 10lbs fish at Flanagan’s Bridge, they reported rising many others and loosing two. James Byrne also had one of 6lbs at the Dock, and reported rising many more. Michael Graffe, Switzerland caught one of 8lbs at the Stakes, with Eamonn Kennedy scoring again, with an 11.5lbs salmon on a Green Peter at Tommy’s Wall.

Trout Angling

Lough Arrow

Many anglers have had a great week on Arrow, with trout up to 7lbs confirmed, and unconfirmed reports of larger trout also caught. The Mayfly hatch appears to be drawing to a close; however, many anglers had great fishing on the Spent Gnat, with many good fish also now being taken during the substantial Buzzer hatch.

Brian Kelly, Boyle, had one nice trout of 5lbs while fishing the Spent, however, this was eclipsed by son Michael who landed a great fish of 6.75lbs, also taken on a spent pattern.

Guests of Lough Arrow Caravan Park also reported some great sport, where Karin Koberling-Whiteman had four trout to 2.25lbs on the spent and one on a buzzer, while Russell Whiteman had a fine fish of 5.25lbs on the spent and three others between 2lbs and 2.5lbs on buzzers.

John Finnegan recorded seven good sized trout, including two of 4lbs, with Terry Wilson landing two of 1.5lbs and 2.5lbs. Kenneth Murray reported a great visit to Arrow, where he boated 28 trout, many of these between 3lbs and 5lbs, however his best catch was a great trout of 7lbs taken on a dry Green Mayfly.

Lough Conn and Cullin

Trout have continued to rise to various dry Mayfly patterns, despite the hatches dwindling of late, with some good spent fishing had during the warm settled weather. Fishing out of Cloghans, Billy McGhee, Ballyvary and Dominick McGowan, Foxford, had eight trout in Castlehill Bay, up to 2lbs, on dry Mayflies. Stephen Brown and Sean Creane, Cloghans, reported one trout each on an evening on the Spent.

Out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel, James McWalter, Co. Dublin fishing the Royal Wulff, had three up to 3lbs. Mary, Colm and Michael Geary recorded seven trout for an evening on dry Mayflies, their best 2lbs. Rod McIntyre, Co. Dublin also enjoyed good sport with five trout and a salmon for his trip.

Fishing from the Brackwansha shore Brian Gallagher and Eddie Murray, Co. Galway, had six trout up to 2lbs, fishing the Bog Bay area. New York pair Bryan Sullivan and Gerry Coney had four trout averaging 1.5lbs and one pike caught on the troll.

Ian Wise of the Cloonamoyne Fishery reported how Mark Wilson and party of two enjoyed six successful days on the Lough’s, averaging eight trout per day, all on dries, with their best weighing 2.25lbs. Dougie Morris, Surrey, U.K. had one grilse and five trout, while Ian recorded four trout up to 1.25lbs all on Wulffs.

Report Supplied By:
Rory Sheehan