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Report For: Towy GETHYN THOMAS, River

Picture of Towy GETHYN THOMAS

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Species of Fish:Salmon, Sea Trout, Trout
Season Start Date: 1/4/4  (Salmon & Seatrout)
Season End Date: 7/10/4  (Salmon & Seatrout)
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Water Details:
Height: Very Low
Auto River Call Height Gauge No:
0906 619 7755
Clarity: Very Clear
Temperature: Very Cold

Recent Catches: A Few

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Prospects & General Comments:
April proved to be true to tradition, showers, which resulted in four small spates, these were instrumental in bringing fish into the system, especially to the lower beats. There were reports of fish entering from the beginning of the month and the added bonus was the numerous reports of fresh run Salmon. I witnessed some of these and was fortunate to take one myself. The river is in spate again at the end of April and this may trigger the beginning of the main Seatrout runs. The take for April this year is probably comparable to the first two months of 2004.
There was a public meeting held in the Halliwell centre at the Trinity Collage in Carmarthen on the 10th of April, this was a presentation by Niall Green of the (STOP NOW) campaign.
The campaign is designed to bring about the cessation of the Irish Drift net fishery and to ensure a fair compensation for the families affected.
The Carmarthenshire Fishermens Federation, The Salmon and trout Association and the Welsh Salmon and Trout Association jointly sponsored the meeting in Carmarthen.
The first speaker Mr. Guy Mawle, (Environment Agency) said that only four out of the forty-five Salmon Rivers in Wales and the South West of England, exceeded their conservation limit in 2004. Their target was 80%; he concluded that there would have to be a reduction in exploitation in order for the stocks to recover.
He pointed out that Greenland now takes less than 1% of the migratory Salmon, Faeroe Islands none, whilst the main exploiter, Ireland takes in access 10% of fish homing to our rivers, the Agency, he concluded aimed to get this figure down to less than 1%.

The European Commission is due to publish a report on the survival of Salmon at sea, he said that the Environment Agency is doing all it can through Government and the EU commission to encourage the Irish Government to reverse it’s support for this excessive exploitation of Salmon due to these mixed stock net fisheries.
Niall Green opened by saying that the Drift net fishery in Ireland is a political Hot- Potato, and that European Commission pressure is increasing, by 2007 the Total Allowable Catch recommended by the Department of the Marine would mean that the existing figures need to be halved. Time is running out for the government but unfortunately it is also ticking away for the Salmon, and could very well prove irreversible. It is becoming apparent that many drift net fisheries are eager to find an honorable way out. The Total Allowable Catch is now 140,000 Salmon, by 2007, if the recommendations are going to be upheld, they will need to be between 60 and 70 K.
Niall Green called on us to support this cause by lobbying our politicians, who in turn through the British Government could put extra pressure on the Irish Government.
To conclude the evening, the Carmarthenshire Fishermens Federation presented Niall Green with a Cheque for £500. to help the “fighting fund”, the Teifi FF also made a pledge to give financial support.
The direct liming, using limestone grains was started on the upper Tywi on Thursday 21st April, 20 tons was deposited into the river some 6 kilometers above the headwaters of Brianne Dam, this is the first of the 117 tons that will be added in due course, the Camddwr (Tywi) and Nant Berwyn (Teifi) have been completed. This is an experimental scheme and if it proves to be positive in helping to neutralize the acid flushes that occur during a spate, then it may be considered beneficial to use this method on some of the problem tributaries below the dam.
Another important meeting was held in the Halfway Inn on Friday the 29th April.
It was basically an opportunity for the Environment Agency and the Anglers to meet and exchange thoughts and have some answers to questions regarding the river Tywi.
It was well attended by anglers and also by the management in the Environment Agency Wales; the added bonus was the presence of Dr. Dafydd Evans, (Head of Fisheries for England and Wales). The meeting was chaired by Mr. Robert Phillips, president of the Carmarthenshire Fishermens Federation, and after interesting presentations by the

Environment Agency management staff, an open floor for questions was adopted, the meeting extended until 11.00 pm and many of the concerns that anglers had regarding the management of the river were addressed and answered in a friendly atmosphere.
The Carmarthen and District Angling club had a good start to the season with many recorded catches of Seatrout and Salmon. Darrell Vaughan, seatrout 6.5 lbs, Dennis Phillips 4.5lbs, John Davies (Sec.) 4.5 and 5lbs. Phill Rogers 8.25lbs, Nigel Hunt7lb and 2.5lb, Mike Toms 6.5lbs. Wynn Davies 6.5lbs. Salmon = James Hansel, Peter Jones, Carl Lewis.
Carmarthen Amateur Angling Club. Seatrout, Peter Ashley Jones 7lb. David Baston 5LB. Jamie Parry 7lb, David Sewell 5lb. There were also five Salmon reported.
Abergwily Angling Club also had a promising start to the season. Seatrout David Baston, 3.5lb. Ewan Roberts 4lb. J. Thomas 9LB Salmon.
Clwb Godre Mynydd Du report fresh Salmon and Seatrout on their Tidal beats. It is early days for their beats on the upper Cothi.
Cross Hands Angling Club, Seatrout, Gareth Davies 5.5lb, Gary Scott, 4lb. David Evans, 7.5 lbs. Fred Rees 6lb. Nigel Rees 6.5lb. Albert Smart 7lb. Seven Salmon recorded to 12 lbs.
The Abercothi Fishery had some sport with Cyril Fox landing some fresh fish; both Seatrout and Salmon, Cyril (the Keeper) however added that he had not observed any large shoals moving through.
There were five Salmon and three Seatrout reported on the Golden Grove Fishery, these came mainly to the spinners and bait fishers.
Llandeilo Angling Club. Seatrout, Finlon Parry 7lb, there are reports of three other fresh Seatrout to 6lb, and two Salmon, this is very encouraging, compared to last April.
Gwaen Cau Gurwen Angling club report fresh Seatrout and Salmon on their Tywi beats, both at White mill and Manordeilo, it is rather early for their beats on the Cothi.
The Llangadog Fishing Club report fresh Seatrout to 5lbs and at least one Salmon believed to be around 15lbs. It is welcoming news that there are also plans to improve the accessibility to anglers below the Crewel pool.

Mike Davies of the Llandovery Angling club reports some good brown trout fishing; this last spate may also get the Seatrout and Salmon up there. This fishery can be one of the best in the whole system, when the fish have moved up to these higher beats.
Any anglers interested in getting involved in the Towy catchment and its day-to-day needs and problems can become private members of the CFF. For details, see web site below.
June should see the Seatrout entering the river in abundance, and with the right conditions, some good fishing will surely follow. If we are fortunate to get some fresh water to enable the fish to enter, then they will run up to the higher beats in a very short time, last year proved to be a very dry June, and the fishing was poor. Night fly-fishing will also start in earnest during this month.
Please visit the Carmarthenshire Fishermens Federation website at -


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