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Where To Fish [S Ireland]
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Where to Fish:  
Details for Camillaun

Corrib County
Co. Galway
S Ireland

Tel: 00-353-91-552678

Fax: 00-353-91-552439

More Info:
If you are interested in fishing, boating to explore an island or picnic you can use one of our many boats moored at the unique timber jetty floating in the garden at Camillaun. Then you'll have immediate access to the internationally famous Lough Corrib. Despite its large size, much of the lough consists of small bays and inlets, and it has hundreds of islands.

Breathtaking Inchagoill is the largest of these and it is steeped in history. It has two ancient churches, ruins going back to the 5th century, and you can enjoy a superb walk through its lovely woods. Land the boat on the beautiful sandy western shore of the island, and you'll find the ideal spot for a picnic. Some of the best fishing in the lough is to be found off the island's northern shore, making a day at Inchagoill an excellent outing suitable for families who enjoy angling, boating or simply beaching.
Lough Corrib is renowned for the quality of its wild brown trout and there is no other lake in Europe to compare with it. It is the envy of the angling world.

Local anglers traditionally troll the briceen (minnow) from the start of the season on February 15th and net some fine bags of fish. As the weather warms up, in March and April, the duckfly (a black chironomid) hatch peaks and trout can be taken on pupa and adult patterns. You can still troll the lake successfully during this period as well and traditional wet fly fishing with a team of flies is also very successful.
By May 10th the mayfly, for which Lough Corrib is famous, is the primary quarry of the trout. If there's a good breeze the fishing can be outstanding, especially with the dapped natural fly and there is always the chance that you could latch onto the trout of a lifetime. Even salmon can find the mayfly irrestable.
If you prefer coarse fishing, pike must be you number one quarry. In the vicinity of Oughterard a series of seven lakes have been specifically developed with the coarse angler in mind. While perch and roach are the two most abundant coarse fish here, pike abound. One particular advantage of pike fishing is that the season never closes - and after the spawning, April is the prime time to make the most of their voracious appetite.
Maps, brochures, licences and information are available and tackle can be purchased or hired from Corrib County / Camillaun.
Greg and Deirdre Forde
Corrib County / Camillaun
County Galway
Phone: 353 91 552678
Fax: 353 91 552439

Contact Name: Greg & Deirdre Forde


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Camillaun Guest House

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